On August 16th, Genobeshy announced that they would add a democratic side to the government, and decided to have a Prime Minister. Two days later, there was the primary election.

In January, there will be an election to choose who becomes Prime Minister.

Nominations Edit

In Genobeshy, much like the United States, there are two major parties, Democratic, and Royalist, as well as the Animal Party.

Candidates Edit

Royal Fluffington III, Royal Cat, Animalist

Helena von Verpri, Senator, Democrat

Imperial Duke of Athecia, Royalist

Royal Mayor Jacobs, Democrat

Yuove von Havio, Senator, Royalist

Giop von Kiol, Senator, Democrat

Yisale von Verpri, Senator, Democrat

Imperial Duke von Jonzel, Royalist

Before the primariesEdit

In July, when Genobeshy started to reestablish, a temporary democratic government had been installed. About three weeks later, the government announced the new election for prime minister. With only one day to decide who to vote for, more than 40,000,000 Genobeshians quickly looked up all of the candidates and decided who to vote for. On August 17, Yisale von Verpri decided to run. As she was leaving he Imperial Senate after announcing her canadicy, she was shot 4 times by an unknow assasian. She sadly died. Helena von Verpri quickly decided to run, in the wake of her sister's death as a replacement. Acting Emperer Zon decided to meet with Royal Mayor Jacobs. Royal Mayor Jacobs said that the only way you can fix the economy is to raise taxes, though he said that he would only raise them slightly. He also commented on how the President of the United States, Barack Obama, isn't doing a very good job on the economy, later saying that if you promise you won't raise taxes, you probably won't get very far, and that it would be hard to keep that promise. He said that the taxes would fund National Security, which is funded through donation. He also said that he would encourage the poor to sell stock at a higher price, and for the rich to buy it.

Primary Edit

When the primaries started, not many voters had lined up to vote, since they weren't quite sure who to vote for yet, but Royal Mayor Jacobs had taken an early lead. Royal Fluffington III, AKA The Royal Cat, was a popular write-in vote at the time, and was made an official candidate. Another start off lead was the Imperial Duke of Athecia, from his adoring subjects and millions of fans! The next day, in protest of the rushed election, Used Paper Napkin became a very popular write-in candidate, with 3600 votes, and 11% of the entire vote count.

Because Royal Mayor Jacobs had gotten so many votes in the first few hours, and there is a strict law against voting for yourself in an election, he was accused of rigging the election, but was later proved innocent.

Answer Text Votes %
Royal Mayor Jacobs 6100000 20%
Royal Fluffington AKA The Royal Cat 5800000 19%
Senator Helena Von Verpri 5300000 17%
Imperial Duke of Athecia 3800000 12%
Senator Yuove von Havio 3700000 12%
Used Paper Napkin 3600000 11%
Rick Astley 600000 1.8%
Mysterious Religious Cult 400000 1.2%
Banana 200000 0.6%
The Ghost of Richard Nixon 200000 0.6%
Bob Marley 100000 0.3%
Chip (Potato) 100000 0.3%
George Bush 100000 0.3%
Mr. Potato Head 100000 0.3%
Penny 100000 0.3%
Who cares! 100000 0.3%
ZAJ 100000 0.3%

The chart above shows the candidates that got through and the ones who didn't. There are only two who aren't on the list, Giop von Kiol, and Imperial Duke von Jonzel.

There were a total of 34600000 votes.

Democratic CandidateEdit

The race for the Democratic Candidate lasted one day.

Answer Text Votes %
Senator Helena Von Verpri 7500000 55%
Royal Mayor Jacobs 6100000 45%

As you can see, Helena Von Verpri won by 1,400,000 votes. These results are found by the public to be questionable, as Royal Mayor Jacobs was so popular in the primaries. Endless tests by the Genobeshian Government say that Helena Von Verpri did in fact win the race. Neither could have cheated though, because Senator Helena Von Vepri was in a diplomatic meeting in the territory of Yuove, and Jacobs was at a meeting with the Empress X. Some believe that either campaign could have cheated, since they were manning the polls. Jacobs and Verpri could have in fact been racing with double voters.

Assasination Plot to the EmperorEdit

In mid August, an assasination plot was found that threatened the standing Emporer Zon. Emporer Zon quickly went into hiding, saying "My noble subjects and citizens. I cannot tell you were I am, not for my own safety because I am selfish and do not care for you, but  for your safety." Royal Mayor Jacobs, who wasn't in the election at this point, said "I can find out who did this, but I need Senator Von Verpri's help, and the GSS's threat list to make a thorough investigation." Von Verpri responded within hours of the statement on her blog. " I will gladly help you Mr. Jacobs, but first I will conduct my own smaller investigation to help start off one we can do together with the help of the GSS." That was all she said.