• January 1 - 4th Annual New Year's Celebration in Capital.
  • January 23 - Emperor Zon and Empress Grace welcome new baby girl Archduchess Alice.
  • Febuary 6 - The Hebrew Mommita performs at Alec Dela Stadium.
  • March 13 - Royal Mayor Jacobs is resworn as mayor.
  • April 3 - Archduchess Royale Amalia celebrates 18th birthday.
  • April 3 - 6 - Genobeshy Holds the Adelia Islands Regional Games.
  • May 20 - Prince Royale Jon celebrates 12th birthday.
  • May 31 - Supreme Royal Admiral Yue is asssasinated when his ship is blown up in Calliba harbour.
  • June 32 - Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany makes an official visit.
  • August 2 - Cyndia Lauper performs a private performance for the royal family.
  • August 9 - The famous Pepe the Clown dies of a drug overdose.
  • September 4 - 7 The International Genobshian Art Extravaganza is held in Alec Dela.
  • October 3 - Pomegranites are declared the national fruit of Genobeshy.
  • November 16 - The war ship H.M.S Yella is commissioned.
  • December 6 - Recent surveys show Japanese Chin, West Highland Terrier, and Belgian Tervurian are the most popular dog breeds in Genobeshy.
  • December 25 - Max Mara opens a flagship store in Cesearia.

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