Capitol Profile: Ceseria

The City of Ceseria was founded in 1680 by the Royal Governer Servi. The city started as a handful of house's and a trading post circled around a forum with a city hall in the center. It started with a population of 34.
By the time of the Revolution in 1693 the city was 13 years old. The population had grown from 34 to 3,000. It was the 3rd largest city on the island.It was decided that Ceseria would be the capitol in 1697, 3 years before Genobeshy gained independence. Today the Capitol runs along the River Vercil. It stretches 6 miles down the River Vercil. All together Ceseria covers 14 square miles. It has a population of 9,743,302.
The city is run by a appointed Royal Mayor. The current one is Royal Mayor Jacobs.