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Welcome to the Genobeshy Wiki

Genobeshy Wiki is a encyclopedia about the wonderful island nation of Genobeshy. Here you can learn everything about the country you want to know. If you have questionss about Genobeshy, we have the Question Box page, where you can edit, and ask questions about Genobeshy! And, you can lend us a helping hand with the GenobeshyWatch page!

Also, make sure to check out the Genobeshy Blog.

Is Genobeshy real?


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Genobeshy Headlines:
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Primary Election Results:

Answer Text Votes %
Royal Mayor Jacobs 6100 20%
Royal Fluffington AKA The Royal Cat 5800 19%
Senator Helena Von Verpri 5300 17%
Imperial Duke of Athecia 3800 12%

Senator Yuove von Havio

3700 12%
Used Paper Napkin 3600 11%
Rick Astley 600 1.8%
Mysterious Religious Cult 400 1.2%
Banana 200 0.6%
The Ghost of Richard Nixon 200 0.6%
Bob Marley 100 0.3%
Chip (Potato) 100 0.3%
George Bush 100 0.3%

Mr. Potato Head

100 0.3%
Penny 100 0.3%
Who cares! 100 0.3%
ZAJ 100 0.3%

What is Genobeshy?

That is a question you all must be thinking. Genobeshy is a island nation in the Indian Ocean off the coast of India near the Maldives (a country off the coast of India made up of a chain of islands). The country holds a empire that is filled with art, education, money, and more. Genobeshy's government is a constitional monarchy. It is currently ruled by acting Emperor Zon. To find out more about this dazzeling nation, read about it on one of our many pages! Is Genobeshy real?

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