The history of Genobeshy.

Genobeshy was founded in 1675 as a colony of the Holy Roman Empire. It was a stable well balanced colony. Its main resource that it produced was different color gems, especially emeralds. The 2'nd biggest produced were saphires. Its still its main resource that it produces the most today.  Many of the jewels from Genobeshy were put in the Holy Roman Roman Empire's Royal Family, the Hasburgs, extensive jeweled antique and artifact collection.

The first, and last, Royal Governer of Genobeshy was Governer Servi. Under his rule Genobeshy was peacful, well ecucated, had great healthcare,a great, but not thriving, economy, but best of all it was stable. But as riots arupted in the Colonial Capitol of the colony, Fresvio, a large trading town on the west coast of the island, the future and well being of the island was put into question...