Enlistment Poster

Navy Enlistment poster On it is Supreme Royal Admiral Gonloza (1893-1923).

The Genobeshian Navy was formed 7 months after Genobeshy gained independence. It started as 1 flag ship and 3 merchant turned military battleships. The navy grew throughout the years and is the 2'nd biggest group in the military. It currently consist's of 22 Aircraft Carriers, 78 Battleships, 130 destroyers, and 37patrol/searchboats. It's official name is "The Armed Genobeshian Oceanic Fleet".

The terms of ranks in the Navy are different in Genobeshy then other places. The ranks in the Genobeshian Navy are (in order from lowest to highest): Sailor, Fairer, Captia, Comman, Admiral, General Admiral, and the highest rank is Supreme Royal Admiral. Someone can have this rank as long as the Emperor/Empress allows it. The current is Supreme Royal Admiral Yue.