Lets look at the past 4 days.

  • Today, (August 17) a tradegy has happened. Senetor Yisale von Verpri had entered in the election to become Prime Minester. But 2 years ago, senator Yisale, along with 2 other Senators from the Imperial Supreme Senate, voted out the Royal Supreme Chancellor Sarah, And entered to become the new democratic leader of the country. She lost the election. But now she tried again, except this time as the new Prime Minester. Just as she was being escorted out of the Imperial Supreme Senate after she had entered in the election, she was shot in the upper torsoe by what looks to be a laser pistol. The Empire mourns. Because of this the Elections have been postponed. A memorial will be held in the Imperial Supreme Senate Gardens on August 27), Senate Yisale von Verpri's birthday.
  • Today, (August 16) a new era began in the Genobeshian Government. Much like Great Britain, a democratic side of the government has been made. In January, we will have a Prime Minister. The first candidate that is officially running is Royal Mayor Jacobs (see Capital Profile.) The empress will still be in power.
  • Today (August 15) is National Memorial of the Revolution Day.
  • The Genobeshian Government passed a new law today (August 14) that gives citizens the right to move freeley from Genobeshy to colony to territory and so on.