Genobeshy is a Constitutional Monarchy. It was founded as a Absolute Monarchy in 1700. Then, in 1724, Genobeshy turned from a Kingdom into a Imperial Empire.The first Empress of Genobeshy then decided to add a Senate to the government. The senate's first session was in July 22, 7 months after Genobeshy turned Imperial. The power was 70% Monarchy, 30% Senate. It grew to become 50% Monarchy, 50% Senate.

But because of the new idea to add another branch to the Imperial Goverment, the power is now 50% Monarchy, 20% Senate, and 30% Prime Minester.


How it works is the Senate can Make a law. Then, if they want to, the Prime minester can add or subtract anything from the law. Finally the Monarch see's the original and (if the Prime Minester decided to) the changed law. The Monarch then signs the law if they want to. If they want to add something or subtract something, they can. When the Monarch changes the law, no one can changeit. Then they (if they want to) can sign the law and it becomes official.

The thing's the Senate has absolute power over is convicting criminals. The jurray is the Senate. The judge is the Supreme Imperial Chancellor. (How the Senate is, is there is a head of the Senate, Elected by all the other Senators. The head of the Senate does not have to be a Senator. They could by anyone except the Monarch. Then, all equal to one another, are the Senators. There are 2 Senators for each Province in the Imperial Empire of Genobeshy.) The Senate votes if the defandent is guilty or not. The Supreme Imperial Chancellor then decides the punishment and for how long. The Senate also can vote to go to war against whoever they want. They Emperor could ask to go to war against someone, but the Senate decides.